How To Appeal Denial of Unemployment Insurance Benefits

Having no job is bad on its own, but things can get worse if you are denied unemployment benefits. Fortunately, you have the right to file an appeal and plead your case.


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    The first thing that you need to do is to understand why your unemployment insurance benefits were denied. Take a look at the denial letter and read it a number of times to understand each and every word clearly. You cannot file an appeal unless you yourself are aware of the reason for the denial. The denial letter will generally state one of the following reasons:

    - You got fired from your job on basis of misconduct.
    - You left the job voluntarily without a reason that could be attributed to the employer.
    - You either unavailable or unable to do a job.
    - You have declined a good job offer.

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    Once you get a clear idea about the reason for the denial of unemployment insurance benefits, start preparing a case for your denial. You need to first convince yourself that you have a strong case for appealing to the denial. Once you do that, start coming up with a rebuttal to whatever reason was cited for the denial. If you got fired or left the job voluntarily, write down the reasons for taking the decision. If you are unable to work or refused a job offer, come up with an explanation for that. If the employer did something to make you leave the job, e.g. harassment, add it to your preparation notes. Get in touch with a lawyer if you need some legal guidance.

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    Visit the unemployment office of the Department of Labour and file for an appeal. Make a request for the hearing to be executed in person instead of over the phone as this will give you an opportunity to plead your case through presentation of crucial evidences and witnesses.

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    While you wait for the notice of hearing, continue your preparation, taking care of every detail. Memorise all your rebuttals and explanations as you will not be allowed to read from your notes during the hearing.

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    On the date of hearing, dress up in clean clothes, preferable a suit, to make a good impression while you defend your honour and integrity.

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