Applying for Bahrain Tourist Visit Visa from Paris

The Kingdom of Bahrain is a small state and because of this reason, many people believe that it may not have many attractions. However, in reality despite of its small area this country still offers a lot to not just to its residents but also to its visitors. This can be proved with the extra ordinary number of tourists (two million) that visit this country every year. Bahrain is a real hot spot especially for the people of Persian Gulf apart from the visitors of other countries, which also include French residents. It is because Bahrain has an embassy in Paris, which issues different types of visas to people living in France. The method of applying for the tourist visa of Bahrain from Paris is although pretty straight forward, but those who have no clue about it can consult this step by step guide.


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    a)      Check your eligibility criteria for the visa of Bahrain from here.

    b)    Tourists groups arranged in combination with the Tourism Directorate at the Ministry of Information of Bahrain or travel agencies and for family members closest to a French resident in Bahrain need to fulfill following requirement to acquire tourist visa of Bahrain from Paris.

    c)       Provide a valid passport.

    d)      Provide completed visa form.

    e)      Provide one picture.

    f)       For further details regarding obtaining a visa of Bahrain click here.

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    Visa Application Form

    Applicants, who would like to apply through the conventional paper form, can download visa application form from here. For detail regarding visa application form contact Embassy of Bahrain in Paris.

    Ambassade du Bahrein

    Address: 3 Bis Place Etats Unis, 75116 Paris, France.
    +33 1 47 23 49 15
    Visit Ambassade du Bahrein Website

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    Apply Online and Check Status

    You can also apply online for the visa of Bahrain from here. Online applicants can also check the status of their visa application from here.

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    Visa Fee

    Visa fee for both tourists groups and family members closest to a French resident in Bahrain is same 60 €. It is recommended that applicants should confirm visa fee from Embassy of Bahrain in Paris.

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    Mode of Payment

    Find out about the details regarding the mode of payment for the tourist visa fee of Bahrain from its embassy in Paris.

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    Check List

    Before submitting your visa form together with supporting papers all applicants should confirm that they have gone through all the required documents once again, mentioned above in Step 1 in order to minimize the visa rejection chances.

    a)      This includes verification of passport validity.

    b)      Picture should meet the criteria specified by the embassy of Bahrain in Paris.

    c)       Applicants should always check that he or she had completely filled the visa form.

    d)      Visa form must be free from all errors, otherwise it’ll b rejected.

    e)      Deposit accurate visa fee.

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    To learn how or where applicants can submit their visa application form and visa section timings speak to authorities at Embassy of Bahrain in Paris.

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    Processing Time

    Visa application may vary in processing time depend on different factors therefore, best option to know about the processing period of an application is by getting in touch with the authorities in Embassy of Bahrain in Paris.

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    Collect Visa

    Visas should be collected as per the advice of the Embassy of Bahrain in Paris as applicants have submitted their visa forms according to the advice of the embassy.

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    Things Tourists are Allowed to Carry with Them

    Tourists are allowed to bring along with them a reputed guide book to the Middle East.

    Since you are going to a Middle Eastern country so do bring along a best type of Sun cream that is non waterproof. These types of creams are allowed to carry.

    Other stuff that is permitted to carry includes reasonable amount of medical supplies, toiletries, photo equipment, camping or beach or outdoor gear and don’t forget to bring your sunglasses.

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