How to Automate Your Website

Survival in the online business has been the major dilemma faced by small owners due to their failure of ensuring consistent presence. However, automating your website is the modern way to manage your online production where you are guaranteed a full-on 365-day a year service. Here we will simply focus on autoresponder which is a computer program designed for this purpose, and the most sought after e-marketing tool.


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    Basically it will work as an answering machine for your online business. It is an essential component for your e-business at it not only allows you to respond to messages but further promote your e-book. Think of a scenario where you have to manage all your emails on your own. While that may be acceptable if you had to manage 15-20 emails per day but if your site is getting hundreds of hit a day, then promptly answering every call would be impractical.

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    In that case, you have two options to pursue. Either hire a labour force, capable of working on your behalf or put your website on auto-pilot where an autoresponder carries out the entire task.

    The question hence arises, how does it really work?

    The answer is simple; all you have to do is to insert information in the program where it will then automatically manage your client base by notifying and thanking them for their responses. You can even customize the program even further by inputting information on how many emails to deliver to a particular client regarding sales receipts etc. Some of the responses may include ‘thank you for signing up or purchasing, special offers or bonuses for customers.

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    If you are one of those who cannot handle the software, then hooking up with an autoresponder service such as GetRespnse or other related companies may allow you to manage your customers more effectively. Make sure you get the desired email size plan where you are able to send multiple emails to your targeted customers. This may be important in e-book sales business as people may not sign up on their first visit. In order to attract them, you may be required unlimited email access.

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