How to Avoid Committing Suicide

Life is a gift which needs to be cherished and not thrown away just because you are having a tough time. Life is not a bed of roses, and the troubles we face is what makes life a thrilling challenge.


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    If your area has a suicide hotline, then it is recommended that you call it at once when you feel like you are on the brink of killing yourself.

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    Do not be afraid to share your thoughts with someone else because it can help you have a different perspective on things. During bad times in our lives we all need a good talk with someone who isn’t judging us for anything.

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    Sit down and think for a while about the worst that can happen. You will see that life will go on and there isn’t any point of ending it just because you are facing difficult times.

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    Sometimes it is the depressing environment which pushes people to commit suicide. If possible, try moving away from the home or locality. The change may help you feel positive.

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    Look around you and think who will be hurt by your death. If your parents are alive, refresh your memory with their thoughts. Always remember that your wife, kids or girl/boy friend will be devastated, so for their sake reconsider your decision.

  • 6

    Seek reasons to live, no matter how much your life might suck; there are always reasons to live on. If you have any pets, think who will take care of them once you are gone. Think about the upcoming movies and TV shows which you will miss when you are no more.

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    Evaluate your life in recent years and think about all the things that you wanted to do before dying.

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    Your death will delight those who hate you and wanted you gone.  Why would you want to give your enemies something to be happy about? Have the last laugh by living your life completely.

  • 9

    If you think that the insurance money from your death will help your family then you are wrong, as they will miss you a lot more even after having all the wealth in the world. Your death will hurt them far more than you think. So, it is better that you stay alive and help your family come out of their financial troubles.

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