How to Avoid Diabetes in Women

The latter part of the second 20th century and from there onwards, Diabetes has become so widespread now that basically everyone, especially women are at risk to developing the incurable disease. This is not only because of overeating and the prevalence of such a wide variety of junk food, but also due to a major change in lifestyle which now has people seated for most of the day without any significant physical activity.

Diabetes is also prevalent in families and can lead generations of people to suffer from it due to the disease now being a part of their DNA structure, but there are still ways to avoid the lifelong suffering and stay diabetes-free for a lifetime.


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    Educate Yourself about Diabetes and its Causes

    There are various types of diabetes and factors that cause the disease. Educating yourself on what types there are and how to avoid them is first and foremost. In order to avoid it, one must have sufficient knowledge on what can lead to its formation and how it can be stopped in time.

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    Keep Healthy

    The best way to avoid diabetes is by living a healthy lifestyle which includes a balanced diet and regular exercise. Some forms of diabetes cannot be avoided like age and genetics, but things such as food intake and exercise certainly can decrease the risk of developing the disease sharply.

    Obesity is a major cause of diabetes along with being older than the age of 45, having a parent suffering from it along with indications such as heart disease or high cholesterol. Being from a specific race like Hispanic, African Americans, Native Americans, Asian are usually at double the risk naturally as compared to others.

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    Gestational Diabetes

    Women who leave gestational diabetes, which develops during pregnancy, untreated are ultimately at the risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes at some point in their lives as compared to women who underwent proper treatment. It also increases the chances of getting cardiovascular related problems as well.

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    Get Tested and Know the Symptoms

    Getting tested regularly and keeping up-to-date with your health and doctor visits is the best way to ensure that you are healthy and any indication can be point on by your family medical practitioner. If you are feeling any such symptoms like vision related problems, cramps, frequent urination, than consulting a doctor would be your best bet in catching the disease in its early stages and hopefully keeping it at bay.

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