How to Avoid Fear of Clowns

Clowns have always been a symbol of fun, jokes, laughter and excitement for children and people of all ages, but throughout the ages; they have also become horrifying in some ways as well. Due to television, clowns have adopted a scarier role, making their use in horror movies such that has a lot of people now scared of them.

The fear of clowns is known as coulrophobia and often starts off during childhood and if not treated in a proper manner could lead to a lifelong problem and fear. Like any other fear or phobia, coulrophobia is curable and people who suffer from it can overcome if they try.


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    Come to Realize Your Fear

    Most people do not admit that they fear clowns, but on the inside, it is quite evident that they do. The first step to overcome such a phobia, or any other for that matter, is to actually realize its existence. Without doing so, trying to overcome it by yourself will become near to impossible. Talk to your friends and family members about how you consider it to be affecting your life in a negative manner, which will ultimately ease the stress on your shoulders of not having anyone else know about your fear.

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    Visit Clowns and See How They Are

    When you consult with the people around you, the most common answer will be that clowns are just normal people dressed up in that way and work for a living laughing and having fun with others. Visit a circus, rodeo or any other event with clowns in it and interact with them. You will get to know that they are just like anyone else you know, but a lot more fun to be around.

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    Become a Clown

    When there is a fear of something, you have to overcome it by doing it. Some people are afraid of driving but after actually experiencing it, the feeling liberates them and takes the fear away. Same goes for coulrophobia. Dress up as a clown and request your friends and family members to join you.

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    Relax and Visit a Psychologist

    When every other attempt fails, visiting a mental health professional like a psychologist is a great way to get some expert advice on how to overcome your fear. A psychologist is a person who you can really open up in front of and he/she will never doubt you as a person, but will motivate you in each and every possible way.

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