How to Avoid Getting Attacked By Wild Animals

No matter if you are hiking along with your friends, passing through a forest or crossing a river, there is always a probability of getting attacked by wild animals. However, there are some techniques to avoid such situations. Even if you find yourself in an encounter with a wild animal still you can survive by following a couple of directions.

The most common mistake people make is getting panicked. Remember, it always doubles the trouble for you. The best way to avoid such attacks is to follow a defined track and read the warning boards of the tourism department.


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    Use travel guide:

    You can find many travel guides from any bookshop. Try to read each and every word. Try to notice what type of animals live in that area and if they are dangerous. You may seek help from the nearest tourism department office. They always have a complete record of such areas. Follow the guidance and avoid going on unknown tracks.

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    Take safety measures:

    Even if the guide says zero possibility of attack, still you should carry something for safety. It can be anything like a licensed gun, sharp-edged knife, pepper spray, or even bells to alarm the wild animals. Remember, animals never want to involve themselves in an encounter. They always change their course if there is any noise.

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    Watch the signs:

    You must be attentive as these wild animals always leave signs of their presence. Look for the signs and change your course if you think that there is danger of an encounter.

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    Avoid eye contact with wild animals:

    You must know that eye contact is a sign of aggression and animals like wolves, lions and bears will definitely attack you. It is better to lower your gaze in a submissive manner and leave the animal behind.

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    Wear proper clothes:

    You must wear proper clothes to avoid getting attacked by snakes, alligators, crocodiles etc. Wear long pants, full sleeves, tall hiking shoes and gloves to keep yourself safe. It is better to carry a stick to fend off these venomous animals.

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    Stay calm and stand firm:

    Even if you get attacked, do not lose your nerve and stand your ground. Most of the animals run away if the opponent is standing firm and not showing any sign of weakness. Fight back and save your life.

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