How to Bait a Saltwater Minnow Trap

Luring minnows into a trap is one of the easiest thing to do while fishing. Minnows are so enticed upon smelling or seeing easily accessible food that in most cases, they would not even notice the trap and fall for the bait right away. Baiting a saltwater minnow trap is very simple, provided that you are careful enough to avoid a personal injury. The fact that there are a number of food items that can be used a minnow bait makes that task much easier.

Things Required:

– Plastic food storage bag
– Ice pick
– Bait


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    With an ice pick, make several tiny holes in plastic bag of food storage. Make sure that both sides of the plastic are punctured and the holes you make are distributed all over the storage bag rather than being concentrated at one spot. Water enters the plastic bag through these holes, catches scent of the bait by circulating around it and then exits the plastic bag, taking the scent of the bait to the minnow. The plastic storage bag ensures that the minnows are unable to eat the bait even if they try to.

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    Baits which will lure minnows are bread crumbs, beef liver, dry dog or cat food. Ivory soap shavings, wet oatmeal or cornmeal, or nuggets used by tropical fish breeders are other possible items that you can use as bait. Depending on the size of the plastic bag you are using, put an appropriate quantity of minnow bait which is readily available in the plastic bag.

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    Seal off the plastic bag to ensure that bait does not come out of the bag while the bag is immersed in water. You can twist tie the bag’s top or you can zip the bag shut if possible. Carefully place the plastic bag in the trap meant at catching minnows and then set the trap in water.

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