How to Be a Building Researcher

The main function of building researchers is to collect historical data and all technical details information of different buildings and generate new ideas for clients in their upcoming ventures. Many clients including military corporations, government agencies and other private corporations always need require technical data and all other relevant details that help them in their new projects of constructing buildings. A building researcher helps all these clients by providing them with the historical data and all other details that enables them to complete their project in a desired manner.

However, becoming a building researcher requires qualification in the relevant area. People need to study courses like architecture and history during their undergraduate studies for becoming a building researcher. If you are interested to become a building researcher and want to pursue it as a profession then you have to complete your studies in this specific field. If you still are confused about what to do for becoming a building researcher, then you can take guidance from this post.


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    At first, you should complete five-year undergraduate study by taking the major subjects of history and architecture. By studying these two courses will help you to understand the details of a building structure and everything relevant to its history.

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    Before becoming a professional researcher, you should consult with your teachers during your undergraduate and graduate studies and ask them if they could help in getting you research opportunities.

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    During your studies, try to get an internship with an established architecture firm which will give you valuable experience before completing your degree and will enable you to become a competent building researcher.

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    Enhance your chances to become a worthy building researcher by completing your master’s degree in the subject of public history. This advanced degree will help you in getting lucrative jobs in both public and private sector.

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    Write academic journals in order to share your information and experience as a building researcher.

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    Always try to grab the opportunity of attending different conferences on architectural research which will enable you to get insight and you will become a prominent building researcher.

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    You should also contribute your work to your university’s library by giving emphasis to the local buildings that have become very old. It will help the young researchers at the university to get valuable knowledge and information about buildings.

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    After completing your degree, apply to the public and private sector firms. After having an advanced degree in the relevant field, your chances of getting a good position are quite bright.

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