How to Market an Independent Film

Main stream media has always been in the headlines and anything related with it gets instantly recognised and accepted. There are those, however, who think differently and want to do things the way they like.

Some of these people get an opportunity with a big name company to make their film while others have to produce these movies on their own, which are also called independent films. Some of these film-makers opt to make them on their own and not engage any company with a big reputation.

These films are generally based on some novel idea that has not been explored much. As these are made on self help basis, these movies are often low on budget. To market such a film is not easy and it must be done tactfully to attract maximum exposure in a minimum budget. A few simple techniques can certainly be a great help in promoting these films.


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    Social Media

    Social media is perhaps the best tool for such movies to market. A fan page that carries the information on the film is a start. The marketers can add their friends and people interested in such movies to the page and the word can spread like fire in a dry jungle. You can post ads for certain market segments as well, based on demographics with the help of options available on these websites for a low budget which will also help in the promotion of the movie.

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    Blogs that cover movies are also a good bet. There are a number of blogs everywhere that post their comments on various movies and they also cover independent movies. You can get some reviews done online from blogs that have a decent following. It is likely that the bloggers will not be charging anything for this as they also want something different and want more of an audience to read their content. Non-movie blogs should also be welcome if they mention the film.

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    Targeted Promotion

    You are aware of the target audiences of the movie and you can selectively target that population. If you are targeting the youth, you can promote the movie in universities by putting ads on the college notice boards. You can also put banners in places where youngsters like to hang out. This will certainly help you in gaining much needed attention to your movie. Similarly if you are looking to target mature audiences, you can promote the movie in places such as caf├ęs where the intellectual class visits every now and again.

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