How to Be a Piglet Fan

Disney is without any doubt the number one company when it comes to entertainment for children. It has been introducing children to boundless imagination and creativity since decades. It has also introduced characters that remained imprinted in the minds of a child for as long as he lives, such as Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Simba, Aladdin, Genie, Pooh, Belle, Cinderella, Snow White, etc.

One of the many characters that are the creation of Disney is Piglet, the cute and tiny piggy friend of Pooh in The Winnie of Pooh. Despite not being the lead character, Piglet has won a lot of hearts due to his adorable personality.

If most of your friends are huge fans of Piglet and you feel left out, it would be a good idea to join them in adoring him and talking about him. You can start being his fan right away.


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    Spend as much money as you can on buying Piglet stuff. If you see a bag with Piglet on it during your visit to a stationary shop, go ahead and buy it. If you do not have money to get it yourself, beg your parents to get it for you. Buy Piglet water-bottles, folders, note-books, erasers, pencils, shirts, etc. The more Piglet items you have with you, the more satisfied you are bound to feel.

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    When people enter your room, they should have no doubt about your most favourite character in this world. Put up large posters of Piglet on the walls and at the back of the door. Your bed-sheet, bed-cover, pillow-case, bathroom slippers, everything should have Piglet on them. A fan can never have enough of what they love. Keep a Piglet towel in the washroom as well.

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    Talk about Piglet and how cute he is when you have an audience. Make sure that the audience is interested in listening to you while you talk about your passion. If you see them yawning or looking around, get the hint and change the topic. You do not want people to start hating the character who means the world to you.

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    Get access to the Internet and start doing research on Piglet to learn even more information about him. They would surely be a lot of interesting things that Disney has only shared on its official website or on the Winnie the Pooh Wikipedia page. While you are at it, download a few Piglet wallpapers on your computer and set them as your wallpaper. If you have a Facebook account, make a Piglet image your cover photo to show other Facebook users that you love the character.

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    If you are good at drawing, learn to draw Piglet. You will feel great drawing Piglet in different situations.

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