How to Be More Successful Merely by Quitting

Success not only lies in doing a few things right, it is also dependent on letting go of some.

Regardless of the stage at which you are in your personal or professional life, there are always some traits which hamper your progress. Overcoming them is the key to success and progress. In this article, we will discuss these traits and how quitting them will influence your outlook towards things and your thinking patterns.


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    Quit Quitting

    Whenever you feel that you have suffered enough and it’s time to call quits on some matter, always remember that you have endured the long yards and it is just the matter of few paces. Life is just like a marathon; you just keep running after thing and just when you think that the stamina is wearing out, the finishing line appears. Hence it is important to develop persistence and will power.

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    Quit Saying Tomorrow

    There is no tomorrow for a successful. Never shy away from tackling issues promptly. Remember, that the best way to eliminate your problems is to face them. There are only two reasons which force a person to postpone work. Either he or she can be a shirker or is unconfident of doing it. While you can forget about success in the former case, you should always face your fears and apprehension in the latter case.

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    Quit Portraying Yourself as a Victim

    Remember bad things happen to everybody. You are not the only one who can have a bad day so stop portraying yourself as a victim of circumstances. Be a symbol of confidence and hope rather than expecting people to take pity on you.

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    Quit Saying Yes to Everything

    Learn the art to say NO. You don’t have to do anything and everything which your superiors (at work) or people in the social circle ask. Define the limits of your comfort zone and except in case of extreme emergencies, never stretch them for anybody. Here it is important to define the comfort zone in a realistic and rational manner; it should cater to what is expected out of you.

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    Quit Your Expectations

    The biggest folly is to expect people to go out of their way to give you favors. Except for your close family, there won’t be many people willing to go that extra mile for you. Mostly people will hold you in regard, only till they can see a benefit for themselves.

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