How to Become a Bank Analyst

In the banking industry, one of the most sought-after careers is that of an analyst. Job of a bank analyst is quite diverse and often covers both micro and macro capacities within a bank. But when it comes to finding position for a bank analyst, things become a bit difficult.  Since there are several people who study business and finance at colleges and universities, the number of candidates wanting to become bank analysts is usually very high.

Despite this, there are plenty of job opportunities for people who think their skills match the criteria of different firms. A bank analyst is not always an employee of a bank. Since banking industry is varied and its role in economic activities in any country is usually very crucial, there are many firms working to provide financial analysis.


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    Get enrolled in a business/finance course

    If you are going to apply for an undergraduate program, you will need to pick certain business subjects and courses. The courses that concentrate on business and finance are economics (both micro and macro), statistics, financial accounting and math. If you are going to get enrolled in a Master’s course, MBA (Master in Business Administration) is the best option as most of the financial institutions look for people with higher education.

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    High school diploma/GED

    Even if you have not done Masters or graduation, you can still have chance of becoming a bank analyst. Get yourself enrolled in a high school diploma designed for business studies or GED. There are several small scale firms that hire people straight out of high school and give them proper training.

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    Get in touch with professional financial analysts

    Getting in touch with professional financial analysts is not so hard. Financial analysts usually work at banks, investment companies, stock exchanges and insurance firms. Another way to get in touch with financial analysts is read financial blogs and magazines and try to reach them by their email address.

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    Get a business reporting job at newspapers or news websites

    This is another effective way to become a bank analyst. Find a business reporting job at a newspaper or apply through an online job portal. If you have never worked as business reporter before, you can start off as an internee reporter. Once you develop reporting skills and gain enough experience, you can get big exposure to media (both print and electronic). Banks and other financial institutions usually prefer to hire analysts who have also worked in the news media.

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