How to Become a Literature Teacher

Literature teachers educate their students on novels, poems, poetry in English level. Their task is not to improve or enhance English, as carried by an English professor, but to fine-tune their students and broaden their knowledge on historic literature pieces, with the aim of analysing and interpret things critically. The study of literature is useful at high school, but depending on respective interest levels, can be taught at advanced stages as well.


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    Get a relevant bachelor’s degree as no college or secondary school will allow you to teach English literature unless you have a four-year degree. The undergrad is the basic step and it is entirely up to you whether you have taken English literature as a major course or not. However, for a perfect head start, having taken up relevant subjects will be to your advantage. Moreover, if you decide to purse a higher degree, it is essential that you do that in comparative English. It will give you a cutting edge over other teaching professionals, especially if you are applying for teaching in a private school. If you wish to become a professor in an accredited university, a PhD will be must.

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    Teaching certificate

    All district or state schools require you to have a teaching certificate. It usually works as a license for you, but the process of obtaining it will vary from state to state. This enhances your knowledge about specific duties of an English literature teacher. Once you have obtained your license, you can start applying for jobs in various schools and colleges.

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    Start applying

    The application procedure is relatively straightforward where you will be choosing the school that best matches your qualification. Some states automatically direct teachers to a certain school, but more often than not you will be looking out for job openings in your local newspaper.  Most universities and colleges advertise for a position during the closing or off-period. Look out for prospective opportunities in your community as a start up. You will be either interviewed by the members of the administration or the English department, depending on level you want to start at.

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    Gain relevant experience

    Usually you will be hired on a probationary period where the school or college will evaluate your teaching performances on various factors. After that, you will be eligible for a tenure, which refers to permanent employment.

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