How to Study Contemporary Literature

Contemporary English literature is taught at schools, colleges and universities. You better know what are your ambitions but if you want to study contemporary literature at a degree level, it is better to plan in advance and start studying it from school. This will help you to have a complete understanding of contemporary literature and you may well be in position to analytically compare it with literature of different eras in the past.

First thing for you to determine is that what your objectives and plans are. Do you plan to go on teaching literature or just want to have a general understanding of contemporary literature? In the latter case you can study the literature at your school and then go on to pursue other subjects as your course of further studies. If you can study literature as main subject, and either at master’s or PhD level, then you should start studying it from school and then go to do degree courses.

Second thing important for you to know before start studying contemporary English literature is to have some of understanding of it. You can gain some knowledge about contemporary literature and writers through group discussions online, with your friends who share your interest or even some of your seniors.

It is important to note that contemporary literature includes writing work that has been committed after 1940 and 1950. You should know about the main writers of this era and some of focused subjects.


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    Be Part of Information Discussions

    As a first step you should involve yourself in informal discussion groups on the contemporary literature. This can be done online or in your local library, if you are lucky to find another person or a group of persons having the same interest as you do. In case of online, you can find Yahoo groups or groups on social networking sites that can take you as a member to be part of their discussions on literature.

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    Set Your Goal In Advance

    You should set your goal in advance. Whether you want to have a general understanding of contemporary English literature or want to pursue it as a degree program. You can decide about your study goals accordingly and start following  them.

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    Studying Degree Program

    If you are genuinely interested in studying contemporary English literature you should do a Master's in Literature. You can start studying the subject from school and then build on the knowledge and do a degree course.

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    Plan Regular Reading of Contemporary Writers

    Once you have decided you will do a degree program in literature, you should plan a regular reading of contemporary writers and subjects they have been covered in their writings. This will help you to increase knowledge on every writer and your ability to analyze them comparatively.

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