How To Become a Nuclear Medicine Tech

The demand of nuclear medicine technician is increasing day by day. If you are looking forward to pursue in your career in the field of medicine and don’t wish to become a doctor, you can study to become a nuclear medicine technician.

Nuclear medicine is widely used to cure old patients by the help of radionuclides (the atoms which emit unstable radiation). Then the same radionuclides are transformed into the radiopharmaceuticals which are administered by the nuclear medicine technicians. After the administration of pharmaceuticals, the technician operates diagnostic imaging equipment in order to find the existence of the radiations that are emitted by radiopharmaceuticals. Eventually, the problem areas are identified by the radiations.


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    You should study maths, computer sciences, English, health and both life and physical sciences subjects in your high school. Furthermore, you must also learn the medical terminologies.

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    After completing your high school, you have to find an accredited vocational or community college near your residence. Take admission in a suitable vocational college and complete the two-year degree programme in the field of nuclear medicine technology.

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    You have to make sure that you study at an institution which is recognized by the Joint Review Committee on Education in the field of nuclear medicine technology. It is extremely important for you to take admission in an accredited college so as to be able to register for the exam which is compulsory to give before starting a job as a nuclear medicine technician.

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    After completing your vocational degree programme, appear in the exam.

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    Then, you have to get registered as a professional in the field of nuclear medicine technician with the Nuclear Medicine Technology Certification Board which is located at 2970 Clairmont Rd., Ste. 610, Atlanta, GA 30329.

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    After getting yourself registered with the board, you can apply for the job in the departments of nuclear medicine or any other department of radiologic technology.

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