How to Become a Real Estate Lawyer

Real Estate lawyers deal in residential and commercial properties. They look after financial matters in transfer of properties and manage potential risks and other factors that ordinary people may overlook. Real Estate lawyers are of the most sought after professionals in the market these days due to their unique set of skills.


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    You should decide on becoming a lawyer at a young age so that you can develop the required traits for a lawyer at an early stage. Study hard and aim for excellent grades throughout your schooling; firstly good scores will help you in getting admission to a decent undergraduate program, and secondly you will need to work hard during the course of your law school so developing the habit of hard work cannot hurt at least. Participate in every speech and declamation contest in your high school and polish your oratory skills. If your school conducts a mock trial do participate in it to improve your arguing skills.

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    Get enrolled in a 4 - year undergraduate degree in a reputable university. Though the program majors does not have any merit in the admission criteria for a law school but it recommended to go for a law related program as it will help you greatly during the course of law studies. Study hard during the course of the degree and pass out with flying colours. Remember the cut off GPA for most law schools is 3.0, but attain as a high a GPA as you can as it will help you get admission in a better law school. Maintain cordial relations with the teachers as you will be in need of at least two letters of recommendation by them.

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    Prepare hard for LSAT ( law school admission test) and try to achieve as high a score as you can. Most people take two or three attempts to attain a decent enough LSAT score. Some universities give more importance to the LSAT results while some of them give more weightage to your undergraduate degree GPA. So choose wisely when applying to law schools, there is no need to apply to each and every law school there is, just apply for the ones that are affordable as law education is not the cheapest of education programs out there. Complete your law schooling with flying colours and try to go for the distinction in the final year. Work as in intern in a law firm to earn valuable professional experience.

    After passing the bar exam in the summer, you will earn your licence to practise law.

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