How to Become a Tax Court Lawyer

Understanding how taxes works is one of the more boring things in life for some people. Going through big books of laws that are not very vivid may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Errors can be made in filing of taxes at the end of the fiscal year and such ignorance can lead to penalties from the tax department, sometimes harsh in nature.

In order to be able to plead your case, people generally need help of a lawyer who specialises in dealing with cases related to taxation. Utilising services of such a professional allows you to have professional representation and a greater opportunity of being able to walk away with no or very little penalties that were levied upon you because of your lack of understanding on the laws.

Lawyers indulging in tax practice need to be well versed in their field. It is hard work but it does pay really well and the effort required with it is totally worth it.


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    Law School

    Work hard while studying law and have a good understanding of it in general. Try to take more subjects on the subject of taxation in the optional subjects as this will create an insight in the field. Study well and learn the ropes as law is one of the fields where bookish knowledge may actually surpass the value of practical experience. If you know the law, you can plead a case with relative ease.

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    Don’t get the wrong idea that you do not need experience; it will hone your skills further. Work with a taxation lawyer whenever you get a chance as an intern during your college time. This will allow you to see how the practice is done. Study the cases that the layer is currently undertaking well and see how the proceedings take place.

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    Be Proactive

    Look for forums related with taxation lawyers and join them. You probably will have a society at your college with lawyers and students related to that field being the members. It will also not be a bad idea to join other clubs at your college, even some political club as this will not only enhance your knowledge but will also add to your confidence.

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    Get Your License

    You will need to pass the bar exam in your state to get a license. Every State will have a different program so make sure that you adhere to the local requirements. If there is any need of practical experience before you can practice taxation on your own, make sure you get that. Starting your career right is probably the most crucial part for you as a taxation lawyer.

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