How To Become a Wine Distributor

Wine industry is one among the flourishing and expanded businesses in the world. Now if you want to enter this business as a wine distributor, then you must be aware of the fact that this profession requires right knowledge, skills, permit and sense of responsibility.   It is not like you pick the wines from the wholesalers and sell them to the retailers. You have to meet the rules and regulations described by the Government of your country and to follow them properly. However, the process of becoming a wine distributor requires dedication and hard work, but it is not difficult at all.


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    Get the Required Education

    Wine distribution does not require any specific educational requirements, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn't be knowledgeable about the basic information about wine. For example, you must know about the various brands of wine, their ingredients, color and taste etc. Furthermore, you can at least get admission in wine tasting classes held by the various colleges and community centers in order to polish your palate skills.

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    Understand Logistics

    A proper know-how of logistics is one among the utmost requirements to become a wine distributor. Right knowledge of logistics will be helpful for you in seeking out wine to buy and researching the market to sell the wine. Therefore, make sure that you understand the mediums through which these products travel. Moreover, a thorough understanding of how to discuss fair prices, ensuring on time delivery and keeping up a proper stock is all significant logistical elements you handle if you become a wine distributor.

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    Polish your Communication Skills

    Strong communication skills are a major requirement to become a successful wine distributor. Use your communication skills properly to convince the manufacturer or wholesalers to consider you as their distributor. Additionally, you have to use them to plead your case in front of various businesses that you are the right one to provide them with wine on demand and time.

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    Conduct a Market Research

    A thorough understanding of the market is very important in becoming a wine distributor. Conduct a local survey in order to find about the types of wines in demand and the wine consumption in various areas. Finely designed questioners will be helpful in this regard. Secondly, find out about the number of wine consuming organizations like restaurants, hotels, bars, pubs, liquor stores, wine shops and other outlets etc.

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    Find Location

    Keeping the target market in mind, find a right location to start your business as a wine distributor. You will have to use the location to store the wine bottles until handing over to the various businesses or customers. Simply contact the well-known real estate agents of the specific area and find about the available spaces and their rent charges. Try to make a lease deal on a lease base as it is profitable as compared to rent.

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    Apply for Business License

    Now apply for a business license /permit with the concerned Government Agency for your organization, submitting an application. You will be asked to meet some requirements in return to prove yourself capable of becoming a wine distributor. Meet the conditions before deadline and submit them on time and pay the required amount.

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    Contact the Manufacturers or Wholesalers

    Now you have the required skills, market knowledge and license in hand, find suppliers, wholesalers or manufacturers of wine. Checking with the several manufacturers is a better idea. Consider them and select the one with good image in the market, fine quality wine and a strong customer base. Sign a contract with the manufacturer to formally start the business, representing them as their wine distributor.

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    Join a trade association – you like

    Once you start your business as a wine distributor, it is better to join the trade association or chamber of commerce to promote your business. Becoming its member will provide you with an opportunity to be present at network events and various business gatherings that will assist you in your growth and success. You can get wine contacts within the alcohol industry of your area, establishing strong relationships with wine producers and retailers.

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