How To Become An Authorized Boost Mobile Dealer

Becoming a Boost Mobile Dealer can definitely be a positive step for your business. Boost Mobile currently offers easy to get no contract cell-phones which are in demand. Many people are looking for no contract connections to avoid all the paperwork and unnecessary costs. Your telecom retail business can certainly benefit by becoming an Authorized Boost Mobile Dealer. Boost Mobile is a U.S. based wireless communication provider that is starting to climb in popularity and usage. Having a brand name like Boost Mobile associated with your own business can increase your customer base significantly. Applying to become an Authorized Boost Mobile Dealer is not difficult and with a little patience your business can benefit from this dynamic telecom service provider.


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    Learn about Boost Mobile:

    It is very important to learn as much as you can about Boost Mobile and the various services or products that they offer their customer base. Study the different advertising and marketing techniques that Boost Mobile uses to increase their sales. By learning about it you will be able to identify the benefit that becoming an authorized dealer can do for your own retail business.

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    Write Letter of Interest:

    Once you have learned all about Boost Mobile then the next step is to write a professional Letter of Interest. Be sure to include your business information when sending out your letter of interest. Always remember to be professional and focus on your business strengths or accomplishments.

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    Go to the Boost Mobile company website at and look for more information regarding their dealership requirements. For getting help about dealership with Boost Mobile you need to initially search corporate sales email address and email your interest.

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    Be Patient:

    After emailing your letter of interest you will have to wait for a few days until you get a response from Boost Mobile. Most likely they will either email or call you for more information regarding your own business and dealership benefits.

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    Ask Questions:

    If you have any questions it is important to discuss them with the Boost Mobile sales team that contacts you.

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    Fill out Dealer Application:

    Fill out all of the dealership forms provided to you by Boost Mobile. Remember to organise your business information regarding accounts, insurance and taxes to help you fill out the forms.

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    Wait for Letter of Approval:

    If your information and forms are accepted then you will have to wait for a Letter of Approval from Boost Mobile. Upon receiving the confirmation letter you will be an Authorized Dealer for Boost Mobile products or services.

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    Buy Inventory:

    Once you have become an Authorized Dealer, you can now start ordering Boost Mobile products that you can display in your telecom business.

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