How to Become an Employment Lawyer

Becoming an Employment Lawyer can be a challenging and rewarding career especially if you are interested in dealing with employment disputes. Handling cases for or against large companies that employ hundreds or even thousands of people is quite normal if you become an Employment Lawyer. There are a many different types of employment disputes like safety issues, wages, insurance, compensation, immigration and others all come under the scope of being an Employment Lawyer. The demand for Employment Lawyers is always high as many companies and subsequent employees need help in understanding the different rules and regulations. If you feel that you like dealing with work-place issues and companies then becoming an Employment Lawyer could be the right choice for you.


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    Go to Law School:

    The first step towards becoming an Employment Lawyer is to attend an accredited Law School and earn your degree. Study hard and stay focused.

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    Focus on Employment Law:

    While studying in Law School take as many courses that are associated with Employment Law. This will help you build a solid foundation towards your goal. Learn as much as you can about Employment Law such as employee rights, wage issues and other aspects which come under your preferred field.

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    Be Flexible:

    While in law school it is important to stay flexible. Studying other types law is generally a good idea to make you in to a well rounded lawyer. Be sure to look in to the different types or specialties of Employment Law.

  • 4

    Summer Internship:

    Apply for a good summer internship program that relates to Employment Law. This will give you some hands-on experience and knowledge of real world situations or cases. Working hard is important during your internship as you could become a possible candidate for employment after graduating law school.

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    Graduate from Law School:

    Hopefully by studying hard you will have managed to graduate from law school and become a lawyer. Learning as much about Employment Law will give you the background that you need.

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    Pass the Bar Exam:

    Take the Bar Exam in the area that you intend to practice law. It is very important to pass the Bar Exam as this is a requirement that most employers ask for when you are looking to work.

  • 7

    Look for Employment:

    Look for a job with a company, firm or possible government agency that specialises in Employment Law. This will give you the ideal platform to practice and help employees and employers with Employment Law issues.

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    Begin Practice:

    Once you are working and gain some experience after a few years, you can look in to possibly starting your own practice in Employment Law.

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