How to Become an iPhone Developer

The concern of earning more money and have a luxurious life has been swirling around the minds of many, therefore many people are aiming to become a part of the billion dollar industry, an iPhone Developer. The large target market and huge potential has caused many to shift their professions and become a developer for an Apple iPhone.

With their huge sales growth, being an iPhone developer has become the primary focus for many. The iPhone App Store has millions of application for their users, where most of them are for free but many are paid. For the applications that are paid, iPhone requires their applications to be absolutely bug free and if any bug comes up in future they are required to fix it.

Nevertheless, becoming an iPhone developer is not easy as it appears to be. Making application is not a piece of cake, instead one has to be very hard working, intelligent and creative in order to ensure the implementation of desired applications. You must be very careful and specific about which type of applications you want to develop as there is no room for ambiguity or confusion.


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    One should have a clear idea regarding what sort of application he/she wants to build. Do remember that your idea should be unique and bring something attractive to users otherwise it will be a waste of your time resources because if you are not going to introduce something new to the audience they will be download or purchase your app.

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    To be sure that the app you are trying to make is not already in use by the audience, you should search the web well. Be certain that your app has a rich interface and is going to make a considerable contribution in the iPhone app world.

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    Before starting your work formally propose the idea of your application to ensure its acceptability by the App Store.

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    You should design a framework about how you will build that application of yours. You might face several problems while getting approval of the App Store but remember hard work is the key to success.

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    Many developers forget to code their app, which is very important. You should know how to code your app, if you do not, outsource the services of an exiting iPhone app maker to complete the task.

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    You have to pay USD99 to get registered to the Apple Developer Network. To get this done, you should go to iOS Developer Program and create your account by registering yourself there.

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