How to Bend a Fork into a Bracelet

Nowadays, there are unique trends being followed by youngsters. One of these fashion trends is bending a fork into a bracelet. This is a unique fashion as you can make many variations to the style by bending the fork including its teeth, and make it look trendy.

You would need a fork, plier and a round glass to complete this task. You need to bend the fork around the round glass so that it takes the shape of a bracelet and then connect the teeth of the fork to the back with the help of pliers.

Things required:

– Fork
– Pliers
– Round glass


  • 1

    Bend the fork around the glass

    Hold the glass and the base of the fork in your left hand and bend it with the help of pliers around the glass. This will bend the fork in a round shape which will be perfect for your hand.

  • 2

    Bend the teeth of the fork

    Once you are done with bending the fork, bend the teeth of the fork to the inside so that the fork gives the shape of a perfect circle. This will give it a better grip of your hand when you wear it.

  • 3

    Bend the sides of the fork

    After bending the teeth, bend each side of the fork on either side so that it does not hurt your hand. This will also create a unique design.

  • 4

    Twist the sides to get a desired look

    You can bend the teeth in different shapes according to your desire. One of the best ways is to twist the teeth in the shape of circles so that they look a bit funky.

  • 5

    Wear it on the hand

    When you are done with doing the teeth and the sides, wear it on your hand to check whether the size is right or not. You can always use the pliers to loosen the bracelet if it is not of the size you wanted it to be.

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