How to Bleed Plumbing Pipes

Have you been noticing creaking noises from the plumbing pipes lately? Does the water spurt out when you turn on the faucets? well if it does, then you certainly have air trapped inside the pipes. Air bubbles inside the pipe cause noise and vibration of the pipes. These sounds can make any concerned home owner panic about the state of his plumbing system apart from the constant disturbance. However, trapped air in plumbing pipes is a very common problem and something which can be solved very easily.  Releasing the air from these pipes is known as ‘bleeding’ and it is a very simple process. So you actually bleed out the gas from the pipes. You do not need a plumber for it nor do you need a lot of tools.  It is just going to take less than an hour and you will be relieved of that creaking noise forever. Below is our step by step guide with the tried and tested method for bleeding plumbing pipes.


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    Bleeding pipe method involves opening up all the water outlet units inside the house so that the air gets released. Turn off the main water supply valve to the house. Now starting from the faucet closest to this valve, start turning on all faucets around the house. Let the water run out. With it will the air be released too. You will notice that initially the water comes out in spurts and in severe cases, you will also feel the air gushing out.

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    Open you the showers. Flush all the toilets twice. If you are worrying about water conversion, place tubs under each faucet to save the water and use later. You also do not have to turn on the faucets fully. Just do it half so that less water is wasted. Let the water run till the sputtering stops and the water column is regular. This means that the air has been driven out.

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    Start turning off the faucets in the same order as you opened them i.e. start with the one closest to the main valve. Be on the alert for any more creaking noises. If there are you will have to look for other methods like installing a T-joint at the highest point of the plumbing system. It is better to call in a plumber if the problem is not solved by this bleeding pipes method.

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