How to Block a Caller on an Android Phone

Unwanted calls sometimes become very frustrating. The best possible solution is to ask the caller to stop teasing you. But if he continues to disturb you by making unnecessary calls, you are left with no option, but to block him. Blocking a caller is not unethical, especially when he is bothering you constantly.

The more unethical act is disturbing others by making wrong calls. Blacking a caller on an Android is a very simple procedure. So, instead of launching a complaint against the caller, make a simple move and block him. This is less time consuming, but produces better results.


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    First of all, make sure you phone is running properly. Although, this step is not essential, it is better to save the number you want to block in your contact list. Adding the number in the contacts will make the following steps easier.

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    After saving the number, connect your phone to the Internet. You need to install an app that will make your life very easy.

    Such call blocking apps are extremely useful, and help you avoid unwanted calls. Another advantage of blocking the number through this app is that you can unblock the number anytime you want.

    On the other hand, if you have asked the network provider to block the caller, it will take plenty of time to unblock that particular number.

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    Open ‘Play Store’, and write ‘Call Block’ in the search bar. A long list of available apps will appear . Select the one with the name ‘Call Blocker’. It has a blue icon.

    Even if you are using network’s data, there is nothing to worry about. Such apps are not heavy in size; therefore, you don’t need to wait for Wifi to get this all done.

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    Once the application is installed, an icon will be created by the phone. Open the app, and look for the option that says ‘Blacklist’.

    After entering the menu, click ‘Add Number’. You can add as many numbers as you want just by checking the box right in front of every contact.

    Press ‘OK’, and this will add a number to the blacklist. There are two ways of blocking a caller, first ‘pick up and hang’ and second ‘no ringtone’. If the caller is disturbing you constantly, the first option is more suitable.

    You can also create a Whitelist. By making a Whitelist, you can block all the numbers expect those added to the list.

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