How to Book a Practical Driving Test in London

London has one of the best road networks in the world and handles some of the heaviest traffic found any where in the UK. Any driver that wishes to use the road system and operate a motor vehicle, needs a drivers license. In order to obtain a license you need to follow the path set by the Driving Standards Agency (DSA). The route starts from obtaining a learners permit, then a provisional license followed by a driving test before getting a license. The driving test consists of a theory and practical test. In order to take the practical test you must have passed the theory before hand. The practical test will takes into driving ability and control over the vehicle and lasts for 40 minutes. In order to book a practical driving test in London please follow the steps below.


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    Before you book a spot you need to have the following:

    i. A valid Great Britain or Northern Ireland provisional driving licence number.
    ii. A credit or debit card to pay fees of 62 or 75 pounds depending on time and date of test. Click Here to get more details on the fees.
    iii. The pass date or certificate number for the theory test.
    iv. Locate the nearest driving center where you would like to take the test. You will be asked for this information when booking your spot. Click Here to get all location across the UK and in London.

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    Methods of Booking a Test

    The DSA allows individuals to book a spot for a test using three different methods:

    a)      Online
    b)      Phone
    c)       Post

    You can book, check, change or cancel the test using any of these methods but the DSA recommends using the online method because it is the quickest and most efficient.

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    a) Click Here to go to the online form. Fill out all the details appropriately and submit.

    b) You wil be asked to also pay the driving test fee online, so keep your credit card handy. DSA only accepts Delta, MasterCard, Visa and Visa Electron.

    c) You will receive a confirmation. Keep this with you because you will need to take it to the practical test.

    The online booking service is available between 6:00 AM and Midnight from Monday to Sunday.

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    Make sure to have all you required documents with you when calling into the DSA to book a test. You can contact the Driving Standards Agency by calling +44 3002001122 in England, Wales and Scotland or +44 3002001133 to apply in Welsh and Northern Island.

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    Snail mail can also be used to book a test. This can take a little longer than the other two methods.

    You will first need to acquire the application form either by grabbing it on line here or calling the DSA on +44 3002001122 in England, Wales or Scotland or +44 3002001133 for Welsh.

    Once you receive the form in the mail fill it out and mail it back to the DSA at:

    DSA - Driving Standards Agency
    PO Box 280
    NE99 1FP

    You can only pay using a check or Postal Order in the name of the Driving Standards Agency. The DSA will mail you back with your booking.

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    Waiting Time

    In most cases the DSA says that it your practical test will be booked 9 weeks from the date you apply. However depending on how busy the schedule is and the location of the test it can take longer.

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