How to Breed a Pet Snake in your House

It has become fashionable to keep exotic pets such as snakes at home. Sometimes the reason for this choice is really rooted in fashion trends, but the owners of snakes are people who prefer watching the fascinating movements of these reptiles.

People’s attitude towards snakes is very diverse and sometimes contradictory. They evoke a sense of fear and admiration at the same time praise the beauty of a snake crawling on the sand, or hanging from the branches of a tree. If you are looking to breed a pet snake at home then you can follow some simple guidelines to help you get started.


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    Before you decide to buy a snake, order a container made of glass or plastic. Throw some sand or special primer onto the basement of the container, which can be purchased at a pet store. Remember keeping a pet is a responsibility as it is a living creature and you will have to spend time caring for your pet. When it comes to enclosures for snakes, be sure to shop around and get some advice from different pet stores, online sources or other snake owners. You can also design and build your own enclosure if you have the time and skill to do so.

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    Snakes are cold-blooded animals and their body temperature is closely related to environmental conditions. The most comfortable temperature for reptiles is 27 to 33 Celsius degrees. To prevent disease and maintain normal functioning equip the container with an ultraviolet lamp. So, the heat source in the cage is necessary. Depending on the type of snake you decide to keep and possibly breed, be sure to find out the exact instructions on their particular needs. If you buy a snake from a local pet store then ask the salesperson to tell you what type of environmental conditions, food and other important factors are required.

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    Change the drinking water everyday should you want your pet to remain hygienic and healthy. Periodically change the soil, stones and branches to disinfect the container. By keeping the habitat clean, your snake will definitely be much healthier.

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    Snakes are predators and you should feed them mice, rats and frogs. Though the adults can live without food for a long time, do not forget to feed vitamins and mineral supplements or crushed eggshells to your snake for their overall health. Be consistent with your feeding and habitat cleaning so that you develop an easy to follow routine.

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    Remember that if they sensed the aroma of food, snakes can become aggressive. So, always use caution when changing water and other items in their habitat. It is not recommended to keep reptiles in areas where there are children under five years of age as well as people with weakened immune systems. You should buy a snake, which is grown in captivity as they are easier to get used to the change of environment and they are easier to feed as well.

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