How to Brew Tea in a Coffee Percolator

If you find yourself falling into a sudden fondness for tea that is bordering on addiction, it might get difficult if you do not own a teapot, and are forced to heat cups of water every time you feel like having a fresh cup. The continued boiling, and brewing process involved in making tea by the cup can get tiresome and frustrating – however, if you find yourself in such a situation, sans a teapot, you can always use a coffee percolator for brewing a large amount of fresh hot tea that you can keep coming back to.

Things Required:

-Coffee percolator
-Cold water
-Tea bags/tea leaves


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    Begin by cleaning out your coffee percolator, to get rid of any residual scents or coffee grounds. This is essential because skipping this step might lead you to end up with coffee-flavoured tea. Starting with a clean percolator will ensure that you get a fresh and great-tasting pot of tea every time.

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    Once everything is clean, you are ready to begin making your tea. Start by pouring cold water into the percolator, until it reaches the eight-cup fill line. Follow up by inserting the rod and basket into the pot, and then add your desired type of tea into the basket. This could be three tea bags, or three teaspoons of tea leaves in case you are using bulk tea. The amount of tea you use depends on how strong or weak a brew you want, so tailor it to your personal preferences. You will also need to tweak the amount depending on the type of tea you use – this could be regular black tea, or the more exotic varieties, like Oolong, or Rooibos tea. However, if you are using bulk tea as opposed to bags, make sure you line the basket with an appropriate filter.

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    Once the amount of tea in the basket it to your liking, and the filter is in place (use a paper towel if you do not have a filter), plug in the percolator, and turn it on. Allow it to run until it reaches the end of its perking cycle – keep in mind that unlike brewing, percolating involves the passing of multiple cycles of boiled water through the macerations in a filter basket, so the longer you leave it to percolate, the stronger the infusion of tea will be.

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    After the brew reaches the strength you desire, take the basket and rod out of the percolator, and dispose of the tea. Put the lid back on the percolator – your tea is now ready, and will remain hot and ready for you, whenever you fancy a cup or two.

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