How to Make a Coffee Filter

Coffee filters are important if you want to make smooth coffee without any grounds. These filters make it easy to keep the grounds out of your coffee. It should be noted here that coffee filters come built-in in most coffee making machines. Most avid coffee drinkers are always running out of coffee filters, which is why they should learn how to make one. In just a few minutes, you will have a truckload of coffee filters with you.


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    Unlock the filter basket in your coffee maker machine. Remove the old filter. This is the place where you will put the new filter. Make sure you clean the area to keep the new filter working well. In case there is debris in the area, clean it with a dry towel.

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    You will be using paper napkins or paper towels inside the filter basket. Make two small pieces of either material and place it inside the filter basket. Make sure the sides of the paper napkin or towel reach up to the sides of the filter basket. You might need more paper towel pieces than just two if the quality is low or if the paper towel is too low.

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    Now, add one or two tablespoons of coffee on the paper towels. Make sure you have set the papers right. The towels might get displaced if they are not placed well.

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    Close the filter basket now. Turn on the coffee maker to see if they work fine. If you have followed the steps properly, there will not be any trouble now.

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    Remember, these are temporary coffee filters. Do not use them more than once. Once the coffee is prepared, discard the towel pieces and grounds.

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    Repeat the steps whenever you need a coffee filter. However, make sure you get yourself a proper coffee maker whenever you get the time. You cannot depend on these coffee makers to always do the job perfectly. Since here we use tissues or paper towels, chances of breakage of the filter are high.

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