How to Build a Fitness Website

A fitness website should cater every need of the target market, which would generally include how to perform proper exercise techniques, and the diet to go with it. Market the right type of exercise equipment and the visitor should be properly informed about which sport will help enhance their fitness. The website should be rich with information, frequently asked questions (FAQs), expert opinions.

It will be beneficial to incorporate an aspect of regular people trying their best to achieve fitness, and the difficulty they face to achieve their goals. For that blogging is an essential, which will reel more and more people in.

Below is a step by step guide to set up a fitness website.


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    It is important to get a feel of things by visiting a nearby gym. Observe how people interact, their exercise patterns, what the gym is offering that is unique and might attract people in your gym. Try out different equipments, and get involved in the activities to get a true feel of things. Take that experience and relay it to your web designer.

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    our web designer.

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    It is very important what to use when and how much. Videos should be there, most importantly to decipher how much Flash animation to use. The website should have different material on each page, and Flash animation should be used to show different exercises, and their patterns. Be mindful, of not using too much Flash for example the whole website shouldn't be made of Flash. The flash videos should be used to enhance eye-candy and the content should provide motivation to the viewer.

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    Design your website strategically. You should have an image of your website in your mind, and then translate it accordingly by determining the architecture of the site. Break your site down into categories, and the easiest way to do is to make different sections for different age groups, gender, and people.

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    Your website should be enriched with pictures, and images of people working out. Visitors are logged on to your website to see positive things, as in results, they want to see people having a good time while working out. Pictures should include group of people working out, and eating healthy food. Images should consist of fit people jogging, doing all sorts of fitness exercises. Display pictures of fruits and vegetables, and make sure that all these pictures are placed on the website very strategically, and they should belong on relevant pages. There should be a perfect balance between the content you use and the images you put up to support that content.

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