How to Build a Mini Greenhouse for Science Fair Project

If you have interest in gardening, botany, or plants– then the Science Fair Project is your golden opportunity to show your love for the nature. You can build a greenhouse in your Science Fair Project that plays effective role in growing plants and flowers. It is your chance to create awareness about the importance of greenhouse.

You might be thinking that how is it possible to build a tall structured building like greenhouse with a limited pocket money at school level.  Now this is the situation where thinking out of the box and a slight creativity comes in handy. Why don’t you make a miniature greenhouse for your science fair project using household items, which is easy to make and cost-effective as well.

Don’t forget to create something you must first plan for it and this project will not be any different.  I have provided list of things you may need in the steps below but use it as a indication only.  You can mix and match other similar stuff to make sure your project is fun. If you want to win, make sure to do something that stands out for the judges.

Estimated Time: one week. Down below you will see what products you need and step by step guide to build a Mini Greenhouse for Science Fair Project.




  • 1

    Things you will need:

    - Clear plastic bottle (s)
    - Planting soil
    - Small plant or seedling
    - Wide tape
    - Scissors
    - Water

    Select right bottle

    Take a recycle clean plastic bottle and wash it properly in order to clean it.

    Note: You can use a large empty soda bottle.

    Mini Green house
  • 2

    Cut the plastic bottle

    Now, pick a sharp scissor or knife and cut the recycle clean plastic bottle into half – from center.

    Build a Mini Greenhouse
  • 3

    Fill in planting soil

    Select lower portion (bottom part) of the plastic bottle and fill half of it with the planting soil.

    Build a Mini Greenhouse
  • 4

    Plant a seedling

    Now, select a healthy small plant or a seedling and fix it in the soil, inserting its roots into the soil of the bottle.

    Note: Make sure that all roots of the small plant or a seedling are thoroughly covered by the soil.

    Build a Mini Greenhouse
  • 5

    Attach both parts of bottle

    Once you fixed the plant, gently place the top part of the plastic bottle back on to the lower part. Repeat the above mentioned steps with the other bottles to make more Mini greenhouses for your science fair project.

    Mini Greenhouse
  • 6

    Seal the bottles

    Now, thoroughly seal both portions of the bottles together with a wide tape, making sure it is air tight and there is no leakage.

  • 7

    Water the seedlings

    Remove the caps of the bottles and pour in few drops of water into the bottles.

  • 8

    Seal the caps of the bottles

    Place the cap of the plastic bottles back on the top and seal them carefully.

  • 9

    Your mini greenhouses are ready

    Your mini greenhouses are all set; place them  somewhere with proper lighting so that they can get the required sunlight.

  • 10

    Leave it for few days

    Leave your mini greenhouses there for few days.

  • 11

    Inspect your mini greenhouses

    After a few days, inspect your mini greenhouses and notice the recycle plastic bottle "sweating". If you find the bottles with too much moist, simply open their cap and let it dry out for a while.

     Mini Greenhouse
  • 12

    Note of the improvement in the growth

    Inspect your plants inside the greenhouses at least once per day and note their growth, making a note of the measurements. After one week, you will notice an amazing change in your plants' growth.

    Mini Greenhouse
  • 13


    What do you really think is the main component that played a vital role in your plant's growth? The sunlight causes the temperature inside the greenhouse to rise and the trapped air inside the bottle turns to water. In this way, the plant inside the Mini Greenhouse was getting proper sunlight and water, which are one among the basic requirement for the growth of plants.

  • 14

    Benefits of this Science Fair Project

    This Science Fair Project is fabulous idea to protect your plants during winters and in the areas with cold climate and temperature. The plants during winter do not get the proper warmth that plays important role in their growth.  This is the time when you should have the amazing idea to build your own greenhouse.

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