How to Build a Stone Foundation for a House

Contractors or home builders always work on two options for building a foundation of a house as sometimes they use concrete and sometimes stones. However, at the recent times, stone foundations are becoming more popular because they provide strong foundation and also are cheaper than concrete. That’s why many people always go for crushed stone foundation. But it is never that simple to build a strong stone foundation as contractors always take care of many things. If you want to know how to build a stone foundation for a house, then you can take guidance from this post.


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    First of all, you should take measurement of the total area where you want to build the foundation of a house. Now for marking the dimensions of the area, you need to hammer stakes in all corners.

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    You should take a nylon string and tie all stakes which will mark the area where the foundation of the house will be built.

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    Now take a spade for digging the foundation. Make sure you dig out the marked parameters and standard size is 12 inched in depth and 24 inches in width. After digging the foundation, also called trench, remove the string and stakes.

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    Now make sure you have made the sides of the trench flatten and levelled. Now take a soil temper and make the bottom of trench flatten.

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    You can also use carpenter’s level in order to ensure that all sides of the trench are even for the bottom of the trench.

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    Now, you should take care of blueprints where the support beams will be used for the structure of the house. Mark the location for support beams by hammering stakes.

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    Now, you should dig mini trenches of about three inches deep of trench on the marked locations and when you complete digging, remove the stakes.

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    Then you should fill the trench with the crushed stones. Make sure you have filled the mini trench with the crushed stones and make the bottom of trench levelled.

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    After filling the mini trench, you should tamp down the stone around the beam and keep doing it until it becomes firm. Continue repeating the process with all other support beams.

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    Now put larger sized stones in the bigger trench and make layers of stones in order to fill the trench. Make sure you keep on levelling the stones which will help in smaller stones to get accommodated. You stone foundation for a house is ready now.

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