How to Build Barnwood Cabinets

Barnwood is basically reclaimed wood that gives your cabinets or furniture a real rustic look and feel. Building a barnwood cabinet is not that difficult and can be done in a single day. Using some simple guidelines and some basic tools you can make a decent barnwood cabinet that you can place anywhere in your house and add to its aesthetic value.

Things Required:

– Barnwood pieces
– Saw
– Hammer
– Nails
– Wood glue
– Stain or Varnish
– Sandpaper
– Hooks, knobs and handles
– Door Hinges
– Safety goggles


  • 1

    Salvage barnwood:

    Find an old barn or other wooden structure that is basically falling apart from wear and tear. If possible and allowed, remove some large boards off the side of the barn. Don’t worry about any chipped paint or splinters that might be present in the wood. These imperfections will add to the rustic look of your cabinets. If you are unable to find any old barnwood then ask around to find land owners who are willing to give you any wood that might have fallen off older structures. You can also use this wood to make your cabinets.

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    Make plan:

    First make a plan on the size and style of cabinet you want to build. Remember to keep in to account the size of the barnwood pieces that you have previously salvaged. Try to use the size of barnwood as a guideline for making your cabinet plan. Be sure to include all the imperfections of the wood in to your plan.

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    Cut wood:

    Use a saw and carefully cut the barnwood according to the plan.

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    Sand wood:

    Carefully sand the barnwood using the sandpaper. The idea is to retain the imperfections but get a nice smooth surface. Try to get rid of as many splinters as possible.

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    Build cabinet frame:

    Once you have cut and sanded all of the barnwood pieces, start to construct the cabinet frame. Attach the pieces using a hammer and nails. Once you put together the frame, use wooden glue around the joints to ensure that everything is attached properly.

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    After the cabinet frame is complete, apply some decent stain or varnish on the wooden surface to protect it from any future wear and tear. Allow it dry and then attach the cabinet doors with the hinges. You can also attach any hooks, knobs or handles to the entire cabinet.

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