How To Buy A Grave Plot In London

After a loved one’s demise, the first thing people do is buy a grave plot so they can bury the deceased. Most people are not familiar with this process, and thus run here and there to buy a grave plot for their loved one when a sudden death takes place in their family. The best option in this case is to get in touch with the administration of your Borough as they will not only suggest you about the graveyard, but inform the deceased’s relatives about the choices of grave plots as well. This will make things a lot easier for the deceased’s family members, since it is a time of grief and sorrow as it is.


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    Each borough has several cemeteries in them and the details regarding these graveyards can be gained through the administrations of the boroughs. With this information, the relatives of the deceased will get to know about the cemeteries that are open for new burials, or whether a grave plot is available on a particular site.

    To sort this problem out, staff members of different boroughs will help the relatives of the deceased by visiting them in person, or people can visit them at their offices as well.


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    Type of Grave Plot:

    Usually there are three different types of grave plots:

    If the deceased’s relatives opt for private and full memorial, it will allow them to be around the grave plot after burying the dead and erect a full gravestone. Grave plot maintenance service is also available in this case, but relatives of the deceased person may have to pay extra charges for that.

    In case of a private and lawn section, the owners of the grave plot can cover it with turf and a gravestone can also be erect a stone base that should be big enough to hold a wreath or flowers. Moreover, maintenance charges of such areas are not demanded from the owners.

    If it’s a public or common graveyard, then memorials and headstones are not allowed. In addition to this, the council also holds the right to decide whom they would allow to bury in this type of grave.

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    Contact the cemeteries or your borough administration in order to know about the cost of a grave plot.

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