How to Buy a Sprayskirt for a Kayak

If you enjoy kayaking then you understand the importance of having a good quality sprayskirt to keep you dry. A sprayskirt attaches to the top of the kayak and keeps water out of the inside so that you can enjoy yourself and stay dry. There are many different types of sprayskirts available in the market and buying the right one can be challenging. Whichever sprayskirt you choose be sure that it can come off easily in case your kayak turns over in the water. You can follow some simple methods to help you buy the right sprayskirt for a kayak.


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    Decide on type of materials:

    It is important that you decide on the type of material you want your sprayskirt to be made of. There is a variety of different sprayskirts which are made from nylon, neoprene or a combination of both. Once you decide on the type of material it will make it easier to purchase the right sprayskirt for your kayak.

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    Right size:

    Make sure that the sprayskirt you are looking for fits your kayak perfectly. It has to be watertight so size is very important. Remember before ordering a sprayskirt for your kayak you should measure the exact size so that it fits properly over the cockpit.

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    Visit sporting goods store:

    Find the nearest sporting goods store and you will find a decent selection of different sprayskirts for kayaks available. Find one in the material and size that you need. Ask the salesperson to help you with different features and brands that you might not be sure about. They are in a good position to help you as they deal with these items on a daily basis. Check the prices of the different styles available so that you can compare with online stores as well.

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    Use the internet:

    Get online and you will see a huge selection of different websites that deal in kayaking equipment. You will find a nice variety of manufacturers and sporting goods websites that you can purchase from directly. Always look for product ratings by other users to get a better understanding of which product is the best. You can also visit various forums and ask questions to other kayakers that have experience in purchasing a sprayskirts.

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    Ask others:

    Talk to others that enjoy kayaking regarding their personal preference with different sprayskirts. They can give you some excellent tips on different products that they use regularly. Be sure to ask questions or discuss any concerns that you might have regarding the different sprayskirts and their usage.

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