How to Buy a Wardrobe on a Budget

We all want to buy new and stylish clothes all the time. It gets very hard to resist when we are on a tight budget. As the season changes, markets are flooded with new arrivals and the urge to change our wardrobe rises. It should be kept in mind that it is important to save money too. One cannot keep spending without thinking of the future. If you plan a little, it is not that hard to buy clothes on a limited budget. Just make a few sensible choices and you will have a chic wardrobe.


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    Make a budget beforehand. Before going on a shopping spree, sit down and write down the upcoming important expenditures. Put down some money for emergencies and set aside money for bills etc. Then decide among the remaining money, how much can be spent on clothes. Once you have a set amount in your hand, distribute the money among the different items you want to purchase. Invest in good jeans and shorts; buy some t-shirts, a stylish jacket and a bathing suit if it is the summer. If there is still some left, buy some nice accessories and a pair of shoes and a bag.

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    Save around $300 and start with the basics. If it is the winter month, you will need at least 4 pairs of pants, an outdoor coat, a jacket, and some t-shirts for layering. When the spring hits, buy a bathing suit and some colorful tank tops. Go for shorts instead of jeans. There are some thrift stores where you can get things at low prices, also there are discount chains like Sears, Wal-mart etc. Try to look out for sales.

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    Do not forget to treat yourself with something special. Spend an extra 30 dollars on something you have wanted for a long time like a long coat or the pretty stiletto heels or the dream prom dress. This one item will raise your spirits and morale and also help you in resisting the multiple expensive items out there. When you look at some expensive fancy dresses, just remember that you already have what you wanted.

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    In the end, shop for the accessories. Jewelry gives the finishing to a look so buy some trendy jewelry. Buy some pieces in neutral shades like gold and silver which will look good with any dress. Buy a pair of flip flops and a purse with the remaining money.

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