How to Install a Gas Fireplace Insert

Fireplace inserts produce more heat than your average traditional fireplace and are also better for the environment. Instead of running your home’s heater, using a fireplace insert will save you a lot of money on bills during winter. Furthermore, they are very easy to install and all you need is a few things at your home for that.

Things Required:

– Fibre-glass  insulation
– Fireplace insert kit
– Oak Mantel Kit
– Self-taping sheet metals screws
– 10d finishing nails
– Tape measure
– screwdriver
– Level

Now that you have everything you need, it’s time to start working


  • 1

    Attach the Vent Pipes

    Attach the two supplied vent pipes to the mounting plate of the fireplace insert through sheet metal screws. However, make sure that the exhaust pipe is connected to the outlet marked as “exhaust”,

  • 2

    Prepare the Fireplace Opening

    It is better to remove your current fireplace damper and first, test fit the vent pipes into the chimney flue. Removing the ash cover on the floor is also important as it will be a barrier for placing the new insert.

  • 3

    Install the firebox

    First join the insert’s levelling legs and then set the firebox in its place. Then, make a few adjustments to the levelling legs so that your firebox is at the centre of the hearth from top to bottom.

  • 4

    Run Gas and Electric Lines

    If your previous fireplace was not using gas and has electric connections to a fan, it is important that you branch lines for these services. Obviously, working with both electricity and gas can be very dangerous and these things are constantly being monitored by the building departments. And, if you are not qualified to do these things, it is better and safer to call in a professional to do this part of the project as he will have a better idea of making the aforementioned adjustments.

  • 5

    Install the insert

    Move the insert closer to the firebox but do not install it instantly. According to the instructions on the manual, pull the house wiring to the insert and connect to it. Then, connect the gas line after you extend it to the insert.

  • 6

    Position the accessories

    At the bottom of the glass front panel, you will find retaining clips. Unhook them and then remove the glace. The glowing ambers must then be placed inside the fireplace but make sure they are a few inches apart.

  • 7

    Install the remote control receiver

    Now, install the remote for the receiver but place the receiver outside the firebox so that it stays away from heat.

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