How to Buy Crafts from Third World Countries

Gone are the days when artists from third world did not have the exposure. Now, different fair trade organisations or networks have made this possible to buy handicrafts from third world countries without any extra effort.

Earlier, there were many middlemen involved in between makers and buyers so it was not economical and beneficial for both parties. Artists from third world were used to get very low wages or share of profit but now fair trade has made it possible for them to make best out of their work. You can buy anything through many ways of trade.


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    What you want to buy:

    First of all, you must know what to buy. There is no harm in buying multiple things but it’s better to start with just one. Moreover, you must decide whether you want to buy the products of a specific country or different regions. This will help you to stay clear of doubts and you will be able to buy best things without spending much.

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    Find some fair trade organisations:

    Now, you will have to find a fair trade organisation. The best way is to browse internet as almost every prominent organisation has its official website to keep their consumers updated. Look for an organisation in your locality and then get the complete contact information. Mostly, such companies are no-profit organisations and they just play the role of a bridge between makers and buyers.

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    Visit local stores:

    Sometimes, big stores dedicate a corner to handicrafts of third world. You can find some good pieces in competitive price. However, there is always a possibility of fraud so keep your eyes open while buying from local stores. Try to find a certified fair trade store to avoid cheating. Sometimes, people who are immigrants also sell their home country’s crafts in local markets. You can also buy handicrafts from them in much less price.

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    Visit world craft museum:

    Another way to buy third world crafts is to visit world craft museums. Almost, every bid city has such museums that organise exhibitions to promote artists from third world. You can have a huge variety of things in affordable prices.

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    Consider online shopping:

    Online shopping is another valid option to buy crafts of third world. There are many websites famous for their safety and effectiveness.

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    Visit a third world country:

    Last but not the least; you can purchase handicrafts directly from these countries. However, consider this option only if you are visiting these countries otherwise there is no sense in travelling all the way just for these handicrafts.

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