How to Buy Gold Bars in Dubai

Dubai is often referred to as the city of gold. The streets are not paved with gold if that’s what you are thinking, but it does boast some of the busiest gold souks and market places in the world.  From the Gold Souk in Dubai Mall, to the Gold Souk in Deira you will find shops, stalls and more selling every piece of jewellery you will ever desire.  Gold jewellery is by far one of the biggest reasons people flock to Dubai with no tax and plenty of designs to go around it has become a world phenomenon to purchase your gold.

The purity of the gold is measured in karat; therefore, if you are out shopping and you would like to know the purity of a ring you just look at the inside of the ring.  This simply means that to indicate the gold content in the jewellery it is measured by carats. For instance 18K means 18 karat pure gold, 24K means 24 karats of pure gold content.  The price paid by the purchasers of gold is based solely on the amount of pure gold in it.  No consumer should ever purchase jewellery without knowing the exact amount of gold in it described in karat form.  Top quality fine gold which usually comes in 24Karat is considered the world standard for fine gold which amounts to100% gold.


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    Brief History of Gold: Gold is measured in karats; karat comes from carob seed, which was originally used to balance the scales in oriental bazaars around the world when weighing the gold.  Since pure gold is often very soft, lighter metals are added to the gold to make it stronger and more firm. Pure gold bends and can be moulded like cheese, while gold with added metals is the only type of gold that can actually be worn by humans and not lose it shape or design.  The harder alloy is made by adding nickel to the pure gold or a tiny portion of titanium.

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    Overview of Gold in Karats and Fineness:

    (a). 24 1000 100
    (b). 22 916.7 91.67
    (c). 18 750 75
    (d). 14 583.3 58.33
    (e). 10 416.7 41.67
    (f). 9 375 37.5

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    Where to Get Your Gold in Dubai: Dubai has hundreds of gold and jewellery stores across many different districts and areas. You can find the odd row of several gold stores throughout Dubai. However, in this Step by Step, we are only going to include the major ones where you will be sure to find the best deals possible.

    a) Deira Gold Souk: The Deira Gold Souk has a reputation for being one of the world’s biggest gold market places if not the largest gold bazaar in the world. Earlier we mentioned that Dubai won this reputation, well from this exact same souk, Deira Gold Souk.

    b) Bur Dubai: There are many gold shops in Bur Dubai and it has become a great spot for gold shopping in the last several years. Along the Al Fahidi Street and Mena Bazaar sections, you can find many Indian gold shops with traditional and one of a kind designs. They carry all the major brands and you can also haggle and bargain your way to better prices.

    c) Karama:  The souk in Karama is small in comparison to that of Deira’s souk but with the mix of business and residential you are bound to find a few dozen shops for all your gold needs.  During your visit to Karama you might as well visit the Karama Fish Market or visit some of the many clothing and electronic shops.

    d) Gold Land Bur Dubai: Gold Land is a new souk located in Bur Dubai. This newly built building was converted into floors of gold shops giving clients access to their favourite gold brands.  Visitors to this new land of gold range from expats, tourists, and locals all there for one purpose to find the best gold at the cheapest prices.

    e) Shopping Malls: Most shopping malls have designated areas for Gold Souks with the Dubai Mall being the biggest one. The Dubai Mall has a gold souk that would make you dizzy, with rows and rows of fine gold and jewellery stores it has become one of the major tourist attractions in the Dubai Mall.

    f) Gold And Diamond Park: This was first created in 2001 the park has over 38 retie outlets and over 120 manufacturing units. The gold and diamond pearl has become one of the most famous gold and diamond jewellery markets in new Dubai and is fast becoming a major destination like the Deira Gold Souk.

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