Where to Buy Gold in Dubai

With the prices of gold ever increasing, it makes buying gold a good investment.  Gold can serve as a multipurpose. People may buy gold for their child’s wedding, buy and resell purpose, or to simply invest. Whatever the reason, Dubai has been the hub for gold since the early 40s.  In this guide, we will look at the countless souks, malls and locations to for your gold investment in Dubai.


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    Amongst one of the very popular souks for gold is the Gold Souk located in Deira. In this souk, shoppers get the exact price of gold while you buy. Warning, the same item you bought at one place can cost much less at another shop, so bargain from shop to shop until you get the best price. These shop owners are very competitive with one another so they are willing to play the bargain game with you. The Gold Souk is located in Deira on the Sikkat a-Khali Street near the Baniyas Square.

    Directions are as follows:

    1. Driving there can be very difficult as there is very little parking space.

    2. It is best suggested, to go to the Creek in Bur Dubai and board an “Abra” (water taxi) right to the souk.

    3. The Palm Deira Metro Station is near the Souk, might after arriving at the station you can take a taxi.

    4. Finally, you may also take a taxi from wherever you may be and let taxi driver know you would like to go to the Gold Souk in Deira.

    Hours of operation:

    Saturday to Thursday- 10am to 10pm

    Friday 4pm to 10pm

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    A second location to buy gold is located within the largest shopping mall of the world, Dubai Mall. The Souk in Dubai Mall is home to gold shops with the most updated styles and prices. Warning, as compared to the Gold Souk in Deira the prices here are a bit high, but once again if you know how to haggle well then you will walk away happy. The theme of the Souk is traditional; therefore you still experience a traditional sense of shopping. I found pearl to be a bit more expensive as compared to the Gold Souk, so just keep this in mind.

    Directions are a follows:

    1. From Sheikh Zayed Road exit at the Dubai Mall Exit and then take the 1st Interchange called Financial Centre Road. Dubai Mall is adjacent to the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa so simply follow the signs to the Burj Khalifa.

    2. By metro, exit at the Burj Khalifa station and follow the newly built bridge connecting the Metro to the Dubai Mall. With the newly added bridge be prepared to hit a rush during weekends and holidays as most people opt for metro instead of driving.

    3. Good news for gold bargainers, the RTA has begun the bus route 27 which leaves from the Gold Deira Souk every 15 minutes. You can catch this route at the Cinema Car Park on the lower Ground Level.

    4. Last but not least, you may also take a taxi and let them know you would like to go to the Souk in Dubai Mall.

    Hours of Operation:

    Sunday to Thursday- 10am to Midnight

    Thursday to Saturday- 10am to 1am

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    Thirdly, you can go to the new Gold and Diamond Park located near the First Gulf Bank Metro Station. Shortly after its opening this park quickly gained the recognition it deserved from shoppers across the world. The centre is surrounded with outdoor cafes, and restaurants creating a haven for tired and hungry shoppers. The tasks of picking the right style, price and quality are so demanding it is no wonder shoppers need a short break in between. This Emaar property offers it all, shopping, food, office leasing and more. It is also conveniently located on Sheikh Zayed Road and parking is easily accessible.

    Directions are as follows:

    1. By metro is the fastest and most efficient way to reach the Gold and Diamond Park. It is located adjacent to the First Gulf Station Metro Station.

    2. By taxi let the driver know you would like to go to the Gold and Diamond Park located near the First Gulf Station on Sheikh Zayed Road.

    3. By car, take the Interchange 4 exit on the Sheikh Zayed Road.

    Hours of Operation:

    Sunday to Thursday- 10am to 10pm

    Friday- 4pm to 10pm

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    In conclusion, shopping malls like Festival City Centre, Ibn Batuta mall, and Mall of Emirates all have small shops to service shoppers’ interest in buying gold. However, I chose the largest souks with small shops as it offers more options. Whatever your choice in gold or jewellery may be, keep in mind Dubai is the best place to buy gold.

    Have fun!

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