Buying Wedding Cake Toppers

In addition to the bride and groom, one of main focal points at a wedding ceremony is the wedding cake topper. When buying a topper for wedding cakes, it is recommended to follow some simple instructions. Topping the wedding cake has become a very popular trend over the last few years. However, you will need to make sure the cake topper is unique and attractive.

Regardless of the size of the wedding, you will be required to buy a cake topper. So what are you waiting for? Do your research and order the topper for your wedding cake today.

Simply scroll down and check out our step by step guide which will help you through buying wedding cake toppers.


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    Flower style wedding cake toppers are growing in popularity with each passing day. Flora plays an important role in weddings. Wedding table or bridal dress, reception hall decorations or table decorations, they are used in abundance during the wedding ceremony. Recently, manufacturers have started to embellish the cake toppers by using flowers in the cake itself. It is advised to choose the colour of the flowers that matches well with the theme of the reception hall. Consider using a floral cake topper that looks very similar to the bridal dress to display your design and creativity skills.

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    Icing and candy is another very commonly used type of wedding cake toppers. However, it is the skill and passion of the wedding cake designer that is largely responsible for royal icing topping designs. Again, you can design the icing so that it looks identical to the bride dress. Choose the colour of the icing that best suits your needs. Candies can be used for personalising the cake even further. For example, if the couple loves adventures you can ask the decorator to design relative objects on top of the cake.

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    Unlike other styles in wedding cake toppers, ice sculptures are relatively cheaper. Ice sculptures are used to shape the cake to represent just about anything. The decorator usually has to pay attention to the details when creating this type of wedding cake toppers.

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    Buying wedding cake toppers is also very simple. Consider finding a wedding store in your region and make sure the store sells funny and elegant wedding cake toppers. Looking at their selection, you can easily generate more ideas.

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    Pick a few good designs and ask your friends and relatives to help you decide which one you should choose. Do not rush making the decision but do not wait too long either.

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