How to Cancel a Cruise with Carnival

Traveling by sea through a cruise can be one of the most fascinating experiences one can look for. Away from noise and pollution, a cruise can make you feel out of this world and give immense internal peace. Carnival is one of the major cruise lines of the United States of America, offering cruise deals, special cruises and packages to the travelers for the Caribbean, Europe, Alaska, Bahamas, Mexico, Hawaii and a number of other destinations. If you have a reservation with Carnival but you cannot go ahead with the tour for any reason, you can still cancel your booking. Here's how.


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    As per the ticketing policy of Carnival, a ticket is considered valid only for the person who is named there. Without the written consent of Carnival, the ticket cannot be modified or transferred to someone else. Therefore, it is important for you to make sure that the ticket is in your name, only then you would be able to cancel it later. 

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    In order to be able to cancel your cruise with Carnival, you need to remember that the reservations are held until 30 minutes before departure. In case of no shows, lost tickets, interruptions, unused tickets or partially used tickets, no refunds will be made by Carnival. Therefore, you must cancel your reservation within the given timeframe.

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    Cancellation charges

    If you have purchased all the cruises under the instant saver fare, you will not be given any refund. For 2, 3, 4 or 5 day cruises, you will not have to pay any cancellation fee if you cancel your booking at least 61 days before departure. If you cancel between 30 and 45 days, you will have to pay 50 percent of the total fare. You will be paying 75 percent of the total fare if you cancel between 29 and 15 days before departure; whereas, you will not be given any refund if you cancel the reservation just 14 days or less before the departure.

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    How to cancel

    In order to cancel your cruise with Carnival, you can simply call the customer service number, 1-800-764-7419. You may also visit the website and cancel your reservation. You may also ask your travel agent to cancel the booking but this is not highly recommended.

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