How to Care for a Persian Rug

Persian rugs are symbols of grandeur and class. They bring in personality to a room and are usually generations passed down as heirloom property. Most of them are hand woven and have intricate designs that make them expensive and accessible to a very lucky few. These rugs are woven of high quality yarn and endure well for a long time. However, this certainly does not mean that you treat them carelessly. They need great care for preserving over the years so that they age well and are safe from wear and tear. This care has to be on a regular basis and not on any one special occasion. Our step by step guide tells you how exactly to care for your Persian rugs so that they keep enhancing the beauty of your room.


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    Regular vacuuming is a must for Persian rugs. Use a good vacuum cleaner to frequently get rid of the dust and dirt accumulated on the rug. The vacuum is going to draw out the particles well hidden under the grains. The beater bar of the vacuum should be turned off because it can damage the grains.

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    Keep the rug out of direct sunlight. The sun rays will cause the colours to fade and will damage the fibers. You will notice a lighter colour wherever the sun hits the rug. If the rug is placed in the room where sun hits it directly from the window, close the curtains when the sun is bright outside.

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    One of the most important things you should know about rug care is to clean all spills on it immediately. If you leave it for later, it will cause stains which will be permanent. Use a wipe to absorb as much of the spill as possible first. Then use water to wipe the area clean. If you are using any stain solution, make sure that it is one which is safe for use on your rug. Professional cleaning services also offer safe cleaning without harming the fibers of your rug.

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    You should air the rugs once in a while. However, do it when the sun is not bright to avoid any possible fading. Lay them on a surface like the wall or a strong fence. This will get rid of any smell built up in them and refresh them. However, do not beat the rugs to remove the dust. It weakens the fibers.

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