How to Deodorize a Sand Box in One Minute

A sandbox is a place where children play and enjoy throughout the summer. However, the box of exposed sand is used as a litter box for neighbouring cats and dogs. In addition to these, it becomes a cemetery for insects. Thus, cleaning sandboxes is compulsory for the health of your children. A thorough cleaning is advised once every year so you kill germs that may harm your child. The cleaning process may cause create unpleasant smell for kids so you need to deodorise the sandbox as well in the end.

Things Required:

– Shovel
– Damp cloth
– Garden hose
– Spray disinfectant
– Plastic tarp or small tent
– Deodorant or air freshener


  • 1

    Remove entire sand

    You need to remove all the sand from your sandbox. Use a shovel for this purpose. In case the sand is covered with animal litter, contain dead bugs or moistened, you need to throw it away. In case a sandbox contains sand with moisture, it will grow mold. In case the sand is new, you can place it back in the sandbox.

  • 2

    Clean any remaining sand with damp cloth

    Next you need to clean any remaining sand particles in the sandbox. Use a damp cloth to wipe out remaining sand. When the cloth is full of sand, shake it off in the outside of the sandbox.

  • 3

    Rinse the sandbox

    Now you need to rinse the bottom and sides of the sandbox. Use a garden hose for this purpose.

  • 4

    Apply disinfectant

    Next you need to spray an aerosol disinfectant on the inner portion of the sandbox. You can use Lysol for this purpose.

  • 5

    Dry the sandbox

    After applying aerosol disinfectant, you need to dry the sandbox before filling the sand again. Get bagged sand labelled as play or sandbox sand. Remember that this sand is sterilised and best for this purpose.

  • 6


    After cleaning the sandbox, you need to use deodorants or air fresheners in order to ward off the unpleasant smell which will resist children from approaching it. You can use deodorants which are going to expire or about to finish.

  • 7

    Cover when not in use

    You can cover your sandbox with a thick plastic cover or a blue tarp in order to keep it clean. This cover will prevent neighbouring pets and other animals from littering in the sandbox. In addition to this, the cover will also protect the sandbox from moisture and dead bugs.

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