How to Reuse Household Items

With everything becoming more expensive these days, many of us try to live frugally. There are a lot of things in the house which we throw away in trash without giving a second thought. You can be a little creative and save a lot of money by reusing them. It will keep your budget in check and people will speak highly about your house management skills. So read on to get some fun ideas.


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    Egg Cartons

    When we buy eggs from the market, they are usually in Styrofoam cartons. These are great for freezing small portions of batter or meatballs. They can conveniently be used as jello molds to make treats for children. Why not use them for your gardening and plant seedlings in them.
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    Plastic Bottles
    These can be used in many different ways. One of them is as a watering system for your ground. Cut the bottom of the bottle and keep the lid on. Poke holes on its surface, and then dig it in the ground. It should be 2 inches above. Fill it with water and it will keep the plant roots watered.
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    Floor Tiles
    You could create a beautiful piece of art with them. Get some unused tiles from your garage, put them in a cloth bag and break them cautiously. Then take them out and arrange in a pattern you like. Use tile adhesives to glue them together. This piece could also be used as a table top.
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    Pillow cases
    These can be a great alternative to laundry bags. Just make a few changes: the cuff part of the pillow should be folded and a seam should be sewn, leave an opening of two inches. Put in a rope in the seam and knot it together. It can be opened up or tightened according to need.
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    Shoe Boxes
    Women love to collect shoes and we have a lot of boxes to spare. They can be conveniently used as storage boxes. Make them colorful by wrapping them in printed sheets. Put stick on notes on them as identification tags. Use them for jewellery, threads, your husband’s ties and much more.
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    Old Socks
    These can be excellent for storing small items. Put little toys or accessories like paper clips or screws them. They can also help in covering your shoes when you are doing some messy work. Give them to the maintenance people so that they don’t get dirt on your floor.
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