How to Use Housework to Keep You in Shape

Hitting the gym for hours and pumping weights is most certainly not the only way to get back to shape. One can very well do it by other means, provided one is consistent in his or her endeavours.

If you are someone who is taking care of the house and has to do all the chores with no time to take care of yourself, do not worry, you have what it takes to be in shape even with this routine. All you need to do is to make some adjustments and you are good to go.


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    Make sure that when you are doing anything in the house, be it dusting, vacuuming or cleaning dishes, you maintain a proper upright posture and do not bend in the wrong manner. If you have to bend, make sure that you bend your knees to that you can still maintain a healthy posture. This will not only save you from a lot of back trouble but will also be helpful in keeping yourself in good shape.

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    Add Speed

    Instead of working in a dull or slow motion, try to add some speed. Also make sure that you move in a quicker manner while you go from room to room. This will help you in burning some extra calories with the same amount of work. Doing work in a lethargic manner will also make you feel bad about yourself.

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    Feel Good

    Make sure that you do not take stress of the work while you are doing it. Feel relaxed that you are in a familiar environment. Make sure that you have the right attitude and you feel good about the work since it is also going to help you in getting back in shape. Having a relaxed mindset will allow some harmony in your mind and body which is very important.

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    Vary Effort Level

    Vacuuming the floor may take a lot more effort in comparison to dusting your television. You can alternately do tasks that require a high level of effort with one that requires a low effort level. This will allow you to have ample rest and your body will not feel stressed as well.

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