How to Care for Wooden Furniture

Furniture is an important part of any home as it is used to facilitate the residents as well as visitors in several ways. Nowadays, it is available in all kinds of materials as new and improved quality furniture with novel ideas is quite common.

Wooden furniture has been the norm for ages and many people still prefer it simply because of its durability. A lot of aesthetic value can also be added if there are carvings on the furniture. Taking care of it is not the easiest thing and one must pay special attention in order to make sure that the furniture remains in good shape over a long period of time.

Things Required:

– Soft Cotton Cloth
– Wax Polish
– Wax Polish Applicator


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    Polish the Furniture

    The first thing that you need to do is to polish the furniture with wax polish. There are several kinds of polishes that work on the furniture but nothing beats wax as it not only adds shine but is also a sealant which stops moisture from entering through the surface. In the process it helps in protecting the furniture in the long run. Often the furniture is already polished when it is delivered. If that is the case, request the manufacturer to only use wax polish.

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    Make sure that you dust the furniture regularly. Dust is the biggest enemy of all kinds of things and furniture is no exception. It is quite an easy thing to do. A dry or in some cases slightly moist cloth will be sufficient. Do keep in mind that the cloth should not be very wet as too much moisture damages the wooden surface and ruins the polish as well.

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    Make sure that the surface is saved from scratches. These scratches take away the sheen of the furniture and also caused damage in the long run. Try not to rub hard substances against the furniture to avoid scratching.

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    Avoid Silicone Sprays

    There are certain sprays that are used for cleaning purposes that have silicone in them. These are not good for the surface of the wood and can cause damage. Also, try not to use other cleaners apart from the wax polish.

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    Keep it Away from Heating Sources

    Make sure that you keep the furniture away from direct heating sources such as fireplace and heating ducts. Direct heat causes excessive drying of the wood.

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