Making Your Own Window and Glass Cleaner

It’s no small secret that we all love glass. Our windows, table tops, mirrors and other household fixtures feature glass in all shapes and sizes. However, while it definitely adds visual appeal, glass presents a unique challenge in terms of cleaning, as compared to other surfaces. While surfaces like marble, tile, or stone can be cleaned by using pretty much anything, glass requires more care – several household cleaners are not tailored to clean without causing streaks and stains, making them unsuitable for glass.

Luckily, a very simple and effective household glass and window cleaner can be made with common products that are generally found in most homes. This effective and all-natural concoction provides glass the gentle care it needs, and cleans it without putting the delicate surface at risk of stains or stratches.

Things Required:

– 1 cup water
– 1/4 cup distilled white vinegar
– 2 to 3 drops of liquid dish soap
– A spray bottle (easily available at any local grocery store or dollar store)
– Paper towels or lint-free cloth


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    Mix It Up

    Start by creating the window and glass cleaning solution. Pour the water, distilled white vinegar and liquid dish soap into the spray bottle – make sure the spray bottle is sterilized, and has been cleaned, rinsed, and dried. Secure the cap once all the ingredients have been poured in, and shake to mix the concoction, until all the ingredients are well-combined.

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    Protect the Area

    If you will be spraying the solution indoors, it is essential to lay out some old newspapers on the floor, in order to keep the floor from becoming wet and slippery. While this isn’t exactly necessary, this precaution could save you from a lot of cleaning later on.

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    Spray and Wipe

    Spray the solution onto the glass or window pane from a distance – when spraying, keep the bottle far enough to spread the solution evenly over the surface in a mist, yet close enough to ensure that the solution ends up only on the glass, and not on any surrounding walls.

    Use the paper towel/or cloth to wipe the area, and clean it. Rub in small circles from left to right and top to bottom until the glass becomes clean. Then, use another clean, dry paper towel/cloth to wipe it down and remove the solution. You can now enjoy the crystal clear and polished glass surface.

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