How to Turn a Trampoline into a Wrestling Ring

If you like to wrestle, you can easily turn your trampoline into a full fledged wrestling ring. It is quite cheap and provides you a safe place to enjoy the sport. It is not very difficult to turn a trampoline into a wrestling ring but you do have to follow the proper procedure to get the job done. In addition, you will require some specialised tools and equipment.

Things required

– 4 tall wooden posts
– Drill
– 12 eye bolts
– 12 S rings
– 12 circle rings
– 12 pieces of rope
– Black electrical tape


  • 1

    First, you have to find four tall wooden posts which you can easily place around your trampoline. Make sure that all the wooden posts are in good condition to avoid any issues later.

  • 2

    Next, take the drill and make four holes around your trampoline. Then, place all the four posts in the holes. It is extremely important for you to make sure that your posts go firmly into the ground.

  • 3

    Now, mark the area on the wooden posts where you want to tie the ropes. You will need at least three spots on every post facing your trampoline. Furthermore, you must make sure that all the marked spots are even.

  • 4

    Drill holes on the marked spots so that you can tie the ropes through them. Then, take the bolts and screw them in all the holes facing the trampoline. Don’t forget to place a washer on each end to secure the bolts from both sides.

  • 5

    Take the ‘S’ rings and attach them on all the bolts. Make sure to put the large circle rings to each ‘S’ ring you placed on the bolts. Now take the rope and attach it on both the opposite ends. Please make sure the rope is tight. Repeat the same procedure until all the rings are tied up with the rope. There will be 12 rings, so you will need 12 pieces of rope to tie them all.

  • 6

    In the end, just wrap all the pieces of rope with the help of black electrical tape in order to give your trampoline a cleaner look.

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