How to Change a Sanitary Pad

Going through periods is customary for all girls as it is a natural process and they cannot do anything about it except to properly manage it. However, there are products of numerous brands that help women get through this tough part of the month. These products are chosen on the basis of comfort and the quality they provide. Undoubtedly, one of the most prominent among these products is the sanitary napkins or pad, as these are considered very effective in absorbing the menstrual flow. Nevertheless, it is important that you should frequently change a sanitary pad as and when required otherwise you can face numerous health issues.


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    Choose a napkin

    First, you must carefully choose the napkin or pad that you feel comfortable with and it serves your needs. The frequency you change the sanitary pad is dependent on your menstrual flow. Always keep this factor in mind when you go to purchase sanitary pads. In the store you will find many different brands and styles of sanitary pads. Remember that they are listed according to menstrual flow with ratings like light, medium or heavy. Be sure to pick the one that best matches your menstrual flow. If you are not certain which one is best, then it is best to pick the heavy flow one as this will ensure maximum absorption.

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    Choose a clean location

    After you have your desired product, you must choose a safe clean location for the changing process. It is importance that you choose a room or place where you can have some privacy. Not to mention, it can be either a restroom or any place where you feel comfortable.

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    Remove clothing

    Once you have found a suitable place, make sure that remove your clothing from the waist down. You will also have to remove your underwear.

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    Get rid of your used sanitary pad

    Now, you must take a look at your sanitary pad and if you think that it is time to change, then you must remove it. For this, you should pull it towards you and take it out. After you have removed it, do not forget to wrap it in toilet paper and throw it in the bin.

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    Place the sanitary pad in your underwear

    You should place the new sanitary pad in your underwear, making sure that the adhesive side is downwards. If the pad has wings, you must fold these over your underwear.

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    Pull up your clothes

    Now, you should pull the underwear and get dressed. Make sure that you feel comfortable and if needed you can make necessary adjustments to your pad.

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